Which hotels and resorts have the best Wi-Fi coverage?

On Friday, the American Travel Association announced it will review the top 20 Wi-fi hotspots across the country to see which hotels and other resorts have an average of at least 10 Wi-fans per hotspot.The American Travel Alliance’s review will include hotels and motels, as well as all of the more than 30,000 Wi-FI hotspots […]

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Australia’s next wave of quantum computing is just a few months away

Posted October 05, 2018 11:20:36 Australia is about to embark on a major quantum computing push.The nation has announced it will host a $10 billion (AUD$13 billion) research institute, and the Government is set to invest $7.5 billion.The institute will work with the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute to develop “advanced […]

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How to use Sintx and Ethiopia to develop IoT-based security products

SintX, the global leader in secure cloud storage and management solutions, today announced a new partnership with Ethiopian government-owned Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to develop a next-generation IoT-centric security product, which can be deployed as part of a public cloud infrastructure.The SintiX IoT security product is a fully-fledged IoT-focused security platform that leverages the existing […]

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Which tech grants are the most valuable?

Technology grants are not just awarded to the technology industry, they are also given to organisations that benefit from those technologies.We asked a panel of academics, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to rank the top 10 most valuable technology grants in the UK.Here are the top ten most valuable grants.1.The Arts Council Of England 1,532,000 2.The National […]

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