What you need to know about Google’s new AI ‘brain’

The search giant’s new ‘AI Brain’ is a brain, according to the company.

Google’s AI brain is said to have 10,000 neurons, or neurons, in each of its ten “core” regions.

“In each core, we have a billion neurons,” the company said in a blog post.

The company also said that each core is connected to the other cores through a “neural network”.

The 10,00,000-neuron brain is thought to have been created by Google.

According to the blog post, the brain’s core contains a billion or more neurons that process the information that Google is collecting.

“Each core has a network of neurons that respond to each other’s signals and then to the signals from other cores,” Google wrote.

Google has not yet released the algorithm that the AI Brain has been built on, although it’s been dubbed “Google’s AI”.

The company has also not said how long the AI brain will be active.

Google said it has “many” AI projects in development.

Google previously launched a project to develop artificial intelligence into a “self-driving” car in 2015.

Google will not say how much it spent on developing the AI, which is not the first time Google has made public the details of its AI project.

The AI project is part of Google’s effort to develop machine learning algorithms that can predict what people are looking for in a person, and how to give them that information.

Google is also working on artificial intelligence tools that can analyze the behaviour of animals.

Google recently bought “tensorboard” software maker Yandex for $20bn.