LUKENG: The LUKEN-based smart battery is a winner

The first of three products from the company LUKENS will hit the market on Monday.LUKENG, based in Germany, is the world’s first smart battery, which has the potential to be the world leader in the battery industry.

Its a breakthrough in battery technology.

The LUSL is a 100% Lithium-ion battery, with an output of 5 kW.

The battery was designed and manufactured by LUKES, the German battery company, which is the parent company of Panasonic.LUSL batteries are the most energy efficient and safe batteries in the world.

They are capable of providing over 5% energy reduction in peak and low-power applications, such as in automotive and electric vehicles, as well as in homes.

LusL batteries have been in use in vehicles for the past three decades.

The batteries have a maximum output of 40W.

The LUSS is a lithium-ion cell with an average capacity of 4.6 kWh.

It has a battery capacity of 5.3 kW.LUSA, a leading manufacturer of lithium-cell batteries in Germany and the United States, is one of the leading suppliers of lithium ion batteries.

The new LUSLA, the first of its kind, will be the first in a line of LUSELS that is designed for electric vehicles.

LausL batteries can provide over 5 percent energy reduction during the charging and discharge cycles of electric vehicles for over one hour, compared to a conventional battery, said Andreas Reutemann, head of product development at LUSLS.

Lusa will be offered in two sizes: a compact and a full size.

A standard Lusa battery is 20 mm wide and 20 mm long.

It is made of a lightweight and high-grade aluminum alloy and has a lithium metal core.

The main advantages of Lusa are its low weight, low weight and the long life.

The lithium ion battery is also very low in toxicity, which will enable the battery to be used in the environment in areas with high exposure to harmful environmental pollutants, said Reuteman.

The company plans to sell its LUSLL batteries to the auto and energy-efficient car industry in Europe.

It also plans to develop and market LUSOLs to power cars in the automotive and energy efficiency market.

The batteries are capable to store and charge in a battery bank for several years, making them ideal for use in electric vehicles in future.

The first generation of the LUSIL battery has a range of about 50 kilometers.

It has a maximum discharge capacity of 1.4 kW.