Xerium Technologies Says It’s the Future of Payment Technology

Posted October 25, 2018 09:14:00Xerium, the world’s largest company in the production of high-strength magnetic film, has announced a new project called XERIUM: The Future of Payments Technology.

The project is a joint venture between Xero and Nhtsa.

The team behind the project says XERII is a new generation of magnetic tape that is resistant to cracking and is also environmentally friendly.

It has been designed to work with a variety of payment technologies and has been specifically designed to offer the best results for consumers, they say.

Nhtsas product manager, Dr. Nhting Tseng, says the technology can deliver on the promise of magnetic tapes, which have a high level of durability and can be used for a variety, if not all, of the everyday needs of our modern society.

XERIII is the first of a number of products that will be launched to customers in the coming months, she says.XERIII’s products will be available in various sizes and configurations.

Tseng says customers can choose from a variety or standard features, such as a secure chip for faster delivery.

She says that XERIV will be a “world-class” magnetic tape, which will be used by banks, retailers, and other businesses.

She says it will also be available for small businesses, but it won’t be sold in stores.

Tseng says the XER IV will be an ideal choice for small business owners looking for an affordable way to store, store and process their goods.

She said it is “comfortable to wear and easy to clean,” and that customers will be able to store it on their desks, desks, counters, and tables.

Nhs Technology News reports that the company plans to launch a new line of XER III magnetic tape in the second quarter of 2019, which includes a more secure chip.