How to stop your smartphone from freezing over when you’re driving in Australia

A smartphone may be able to slow you down if it’s in your hands for too long, according to research.

The study found a device called “the Daystar technology” can slow down your smartphone if it is too close to the road, and then shuts down the device when it is about 10 metres away.

The devices could potentially prevent you from using your smartphone for more than 20 minutes, or even more, depending on the speed of traffic and the angle of the road.

It’s the first time the Daystar has been tested in Australia, but the research was carried out by the Australian National University and the University of Newcastle.

It is part of a wider global research project, which also included a series of similar studies.

The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Daystar uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to scan the brain of a person who is wearing the device, which has sensors that pick up signals from a person’s brainwaves and use them to send data to a computer.

The researchers measured a person using MRI scans at various locations on a freeway and at night.

They then recorded the data for three hours.

In the final analysis, they found the Daystars effectiveness was lower than that of the traditional earbuds or other earbud technology.

The device is designed to be worn around the neck, but it could be worn on the ears or around the ears for long periods of time, and it’s unclear how it would work at night when people wear earbuddies.

“If we use this technology in the future, it’s not going to be a problem, because it’s so simple to set up and operate,” Dr Michael Begg, an associate professor of neurophysiology and neuroscience at the University’s School of Engineering, said.

The technology uses a wireless communication system to send a signal through your ears.

When the phone is near you, it picks up the magnetic signals from your brainwaves, which it can then process into a signal that can then be transmitted to the phone.

The daystar device uses a combination of signals from the brain and the sensors on your phone to transmit the signal, but at the same time, the phone itself can be turned off.

The result is the phone can be stopped from processing the signals until it is in the range of the sensors, which could mean you could hear a car behind you for 20 minutes.

“We’ve seen some devices that could potentially stop you from being able to talk to your friends, or from doing a lot of things,” Dr Begg said.

“The way it works is that you have an earbuddy and you have a phone that has a microphone and sensors that can detect a sound and send it to the smartphone.”

A lot of people wear them for social interaction and listening to music, but there are also some users who might not be comfortable wearing them, particularly if it can interfere with the phone’s performance.

“It’s a really interesting device, it has a lot going for it, but what people don’t realise is the range it can take, and that’s because of the sensor,” Dr David Purdon, a professor of mechanical engineering at Newcastle University, said

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