How to use Google Glass for a job interview

Google Glass is on the verge of being available to a new generation of job candidates.

The technology is being marketed to prospective employees at the workplace, including engineers, software developers, business executives and tech entrepreneurs.

And the Glass team is hoping the devices can help boost hiring and job prospects for the next wave of tech workers.

The Glass team has spent years working with recruiters and hiring managers to figure out what kind of candidates Glass is best suited for.

The company says it has had more than 100 interviews with Glass applicants in the last 12 months.

The team has also interviewed candidates at some of the nation’s top companies, including the world’s largest technology companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

“Glass has been an integral part of the job search for many years, and we are excited to see how it helps recruiters get the most qualified candidates to our team,” said Kevin P. Ollman, president and CEO of Glass, Inc.

The latest Glass app, called “Glasscast,” is now available on iOS and Android.

The app, developed by the Glass Glass team, gives prospective employees the ability to record their interactions with Glass and share it with other employees.

The Glasscast feature lets prospective employees record conversations, take screenshots of them and share the information with other Glass users.

The app includes a recording feature so that Glasses can be viewed from a range of different angles.

The device can be set up with a microphone, speakerphone or other devices to record conversations with potential candidates.

The device also lets Glasses see potential employers and interviewers.

Glasscast lets Glass candidates record conversations on Glass and upload the recorded content to a Glasses social network account.

The content can be shared on Glasses LinkedIn profile page and other Glasses websites.

The application lets Glass Glasses use Glasscast features to communicate with potential employers, but the Glass app is not designed to directly connect candidates to employers.

The application only provides Glasses with a short list of Glasses that could be relevant to the Glasses interview, which is also a short video interview that Glass candidates can take.

Glasscasts are recorded conversations with Glasses candidates in which candidates record their interaction with Glass.

Glasses are also able to create video recordings from the recorded interactions and upload them to Glasses website.

“We want to make it easier for candidates to find Glass,” said David L. Cohen, CEO of the Glass Project.

“Glass is one of the best ways to meet people in the workplace and get to know them better.”

Glass has become popular in recent years among employers, especially for job interviews.

Glass is popular because of the technology that it enables.

In the video above, a Glass candidate is shown interacting with an employee at a software development company.

This candidate is also recording a video conversation with a potential employer at a tech startup.

The candidate is then able to share the video with others on Glasscast.

Glass is also gaining traction among job seekers.

In 2016, Glass was used by more than 1.4 million job applicants across more than 140 countries, according to Glass.

The most common Glass application was called “GitHub Job Application,” used by 7 million job seekers across the world.

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