Which of these is the fastest car in Australia?

The dxc car has gone on sale to the public this week in Australia and New Zealand. 

Its named the Heimax Technology car, after the Heimax Group, and it uses a range of electric motors to drive its wheels, a feature found in the likes of the Tesla Model S and Porsche Cayenne.

The car is the same size as the  Tesla Model S, and its electric motors use the same battery technology found in those cars. 

It uses a 4.2-litre petrol engine that produces around 500bhp, and the company says that the Heimux car has an overall range of 1,000km, or 3,500 miles, with some charging in the suburbs.

 It also has an optional electric drivetrains for up to 12 people, and the range could go up.

Heisenberg says the Himax car has a range range of 3,000 miles with charging in the suburbs of Melbourne.

The car is available in both white and black, and will cost about $35,000 (AUD$46,000).

He’s been working on the Heisenberg’s electric car since he was 18, and has already delivered at least 1,500 cars in a year.

“It’s been really cool to see people really get behind the wheel and get the car working, and then get the kids behind the car and see how much fun it is,” he told TechCrunch.

“There’s a lot of things we can do to improve this vehicle, so we’re working on that, and hopefully it’ll get to where we want it to be in a couple of years.”

He has spent about a decade developing the technology behind the cars, which he said are designed to reduce the number of trips the car takes by a third.

For the latest news on electric cars, watch TechCrunch video here.

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