When Apple is the ‘next big thing’, you can bet that the next big thing will be Clover Technology

Clover Technology, the world’s leading consumer product reseller, said Tuesday that it has signed a deal to sell its latest product, the Clover Wireless Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Clover said it would use the money to support the development of its next-generation wireless Bluetooth headset.

The Clover Wireless Bluetooth headset is the first Bluetooth headset from Clover Technology to ship.

It was launched in July.

The Clover Wireless Headset is made of wireless fabric that can be stretched to fit into most pockets.

The headset has a microphone, accelerometer and gyroscope.

The earphones, which are connected via USB to a laptop computer, can be plugged into a variety of Bluetooth earphones or headphones.

Clover Technology said the headset will ship in late 2018, which is in late October for a “full slate” of devices, such as phones, computers and gaming headsets.

“Our customers have asked for our product to be the next wave in the world of wireless technology and we have been hard at work to deliver this,” Clover CEO Paul Lutz said in a statement.

“We are excited about the opportunity to build on the momentum of the Clover wireless Bluetooth Headband, and look forward to working with our customers to create more wireless solutions in the future.”

Clover said in its announcement that it would be selling the headset at a discount on Apple’s online store and through other retailers.

It said the discount will apply to all Clover Wireless products sold on Apple.