Laptops: Apple will have an official iPad in 2018

Apple will be launching an official laptop in 2018, the company announced today.

The company has said it will unveil a laptop later this year, but has yet to confirm whether it will be a Windows 10 laptop or a MacBook Pro with Retina display.

“The future of laptops is moving to a new generation of ultra-thin laptops that deliver incredible performance and features,” Apple said in a statement.

The MacBook Pro, released in 2016, has a 13-inch display and is available in 13-, 15-, and 17-inch sizes.

Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro model is expected to be the first laptop with a 12-inch, 15-inch and 17.5-inch screen.

“Today, Apple’s engineers are creating the ultimate notebook, with the next generation of performance and the perfect combination of style and design,” Tim Cook said in the announcement.

“We are excited to unveil the new MacBook Pro.”

The MacBook Pros and the MacBook Pro are powered by Intel’s new Core i7 and Core i5 processors.

Both will run at 3.5GHz, the same as Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, with quad-core CPUs and HyperThreading technology, a new CPU technology that allows two CPUs to execute the same code in parallel.

“When it comes to performance, the new Core series processors deliver a remarkable new level of performance,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

“That means the MacBook Air is a great choice for anyone who needs a fast laptop but doesn’t want to sacrifice battery life.”

The new MacBook Pros will have a base model of the 13- and 15-inchers with a 13.3-inch panel, a 15.6-inch MacBook Air with a 15- and 17, and a 17.3mm MacBook Pro.

The new models are expected to come in 15-, 17-, and 20-inch versions.