How to stop Monsanto’s GMOs

I’ve spent the past few months researching a few different ways to stop the spread of genetically modified (GM) food.

I know some people will say that I’m “not looking at the big picture,” and that I shouldn’t be concerned with GM foods because there are lots of “bad actors” out there.

But I’m not a big fan of big picture thinking.

The reason is that I know that there are many people in the world who are genuinely concerned about GM food, and they are not being adequately addressed.

My interest is in the “good guys” — the people who actually are trying to stop GMOs and who are doing it well.

It’s not just the small companies and farmers who are trying hard to make GMOs safer, but also the large multinational corporations who are pushing GMOs for the sake of profits.

We can stop them if we start talking about them, but that won’t happen until we start listening to their concerns.

This is what I’ve learned about the GMO debate and the need for the GMO community to be engaged in the discussion.

In this post, I’m going to talk about three different ways we can stop the growing trend of GMOs: 1) We need to start listening.

When it comes to GMO foods, the conversation has been going on for decades.

GM crops are just the tip of the iceberg, as I’ll explain below.

But we need to be listening. 

2) We should be more aware of what we are eating.

If you’ve never heard of the term GMOs, I suggest you check out this article.

3) We must stop letting big corporations take advantage of our ignorance.

I’ve already written about some of the most common arguments for and against GMOs, but I’ve decided to focus on a few that have received the most attention. 

First, the argument that GMOs cause cancer:  The science on GMOs is not clear, but the public seems to be largely convinced that GMOs are harmful to humans.

That’s because most of the research on the subject has been done by the biotech industry, and most of that research has been funded by the Big Pharma and agribusiness giants. 

In fact, some of these companies are actually involved in GMOs research, so they are clearly in the driver’s seat here. 

The fact that the industry doesn’t seem to have an interest in listening to its own research has resulted in the widespread belief that GMOs might be bad for us, and that’s a bad idea. 

GMOs also have been shown to have many of the same problems as conventional crops: they tend to be resistant to pests, they’re highly susceptible to disease, and the plants are extremely difficult to cultivate.

For this reason, the majority of scientists are highly skeptical about GMOs. 

But the big biotech companies have found a way to make it seem like they’re the only ones who know the science, and have successfully convinced many in the public to believe that GMOs really are bad for humans. 

In reality, there’s a lot of scientific evidence to the contrary. 

A recent report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found that “the scientific literature on GMOs has been far more expansive than anyone had anticipated. 

Many of the studies that have been published on GMOs have been conducted by independent scientists, or by independent researchers who are paid by the industry. 

More importantly, there is no evidence that GMOs have any negative health effects, either statistically or quantitatively.”

The CSPI report goes on to state: “The evidence that GM foods cause human health problems, including cancer, birth defects, reproductive abnormalities, obesity, neurological damage, allergies, and autoimmune disorders, is overwhelming.” 

And that’s just one study. 

Another major study in 2016 found that GMOs were safe for humans, and “the overwhelming evidence indicates that they are safe for human consumption.” 

 A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that studies on GMOs showed that they could have a number of beneficial effects, including reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

GMO crops are also extremely inexpensive to produce. 

 And since the companies that sell the GMOs aren’t actually doing anything to protect us from them, it’s easy to believe they’re doing everything they can to make us buy them. 

To put it bluntly, there are hundreds of studies that prove GMOs are safe. 

So how can we stop them?

The first step is to start educating people about the science of GMOs.

 First, let’s look at the most obvious source of misinformation: the agribuses. 

The agribUS has a number on GMOs: the GMOwatch website  which has an extensive list of the “best” studies on GM crops. 

They have also created a number called the Agribus

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