How to buy tickets to a ‘super-hero’ screening at Sydney’s iconic Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera house is a landmark in Sydney, with the grand grand auditorium a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now, with tickets available for sale for a “super-movie”, it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to attend.

What you need to know about ticketing technology The new super-movie ticket is the first to allow attendees to purchase tickets directly from a company called Sensient Technologies, which is set to take over the Sydney Opera Houses website.

If you’ve been following our recent article on ticketing tech, you may have noticed that Sensient’s site has changed considerably.

There is no longer an option to buy through the Opera House website, and instead, tickets are sold via a company known as the “Lifeloc” platform, which allows users to buy them at a later date.

The lifeloc technology can be used by ticket holders to purchase the tickets in person at the Opera Houses, but there is a catch: they must be in their “lifestyle” range.

The Lifeloc ticketing system was first introduced by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and allows ticket holders and non-ticket holders to buy and share their tickets.

The system is currently used by some ticketing companies, including Ticketopia and TicketSmart, and is currently the most widely used ticketing solution in Australia.

The idea behind the ticketing site is to make it as easy as possible for ticket holders who don’t currently have tickets to get in on the action.

Tickets can be purchased online or by calling Ticketopia’s Ticketmaster contact centre, which can be reached from the top right hand corner of the screen, or you can call TicketSmart on 13 10 45 from a mobile phone.

A ticket is sold via the Lifelooc platform, but tickets can also be purchased at the Sydney Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (AICO) on the day of the event, when tickets are due to go on sale.

For more information about ticket sales, please check out the AICO website.

How to watch the ‘super hero’ screening of ‘Superman: The Movie’ at the New South Wales Opera House: What you can expect at the opening event, from Monday to Friday, January 12, 2018: Opening night is on Monday January 12 at 8:00pm local time (3:00am AEDT).

This means that you can watch the opening screening of the film Superman: The New Adventures of Superman on Monday at 8pm local, or on Tuesday at 9pm local (5:00 a.m.


The New South and Central Coast premiere of the movie will be on Wednesday January 13 at 7:00 p.m local time, and it will be followed by the Sydney Premiere of the Film Superman on Friday January 14 at 7pm local.

The first viewing will be in the Opera Hall, at the corner of Brunswick Street and Central Avenue.

The film will then be shown on a large screen in the Theatre Room, in the rear of the building.

The premiere screening is free to attend, and tickets will be available for purchase from Ticketopia.

If the screening is cancelled due to inclement weather, you can still purchase tickets online, but you will need to call Ticketmaster on 1300 658 731.

If an earlier screening is being shown, the venue is likely to be closed and no-one will be allowed in.

You will need a ticket to enter the cinema for the first viewing on the evening of January 12.

The event will be streamed live online on the Aussie Cinemas website.

You can also purchase tickets at the theatre via TicketSmart or Ticketopia, or through the website, where you will have to call in advance.

There are no refunds or exchanges for tickets.

Tickets for the New Sydney premiere screening are available at Ticketopia on a first come, first served basis.

There will also be a screening at the Royal Opera House on Monday, January 13.

For further information, visit or

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