Irish companies are turning their attention to the future of biofuels

A new generation of biofuel producers is looking beyond fossil fuels and focusing on biofuel production.

This year’s conference on biofuel technologies at the University of Cambridge featured a number of promising innovations.

We saw a demonstration of a fuel cell system, where fuel is captured from a wind turbine and pumped into a generator that then generates electricity.

And we saw a battery that uses an electric motor to recharge a battery, then another motor to run a turbine, and so on.

In this example, the battery is an electric generator, but the power it generates is transferred to a generator to produce electricity.

The result is that when you use it, the generator does not produce energy.

It produces the energy of the wind and solar, rather than electricity.

This is an important breakthrough for the energy supply industry.

This system is a real innovation, because it is using a renewable fuel source and not the conventional fuel sources of the past, such as petroleum.

A battery is the same kind of battery, but it’s different because it’s using an electric engine to generate electricity.

We will see more of this in the future, as we can create a hybrid battery and then a battery with an electric and a combustion engine.

The other innovation that we saw was the use of a new generation biofuel source, called biogas.

It is derived from plants, but with the help of the sun.

This means that it can be produced at an enormous scale and that it’s clean, as it’s grown without any of the environmental problems associated with traditional biofuel production.

For example, this is the new source for biofueled cars, as the vehicles are not powered by fossil fuels.

The new source is also better for the environment.

It’s less polluting and uses less energy, which means that the vehicles can be powered by renewables as well as fossil fuels, as there is no pollution.

We are talking about a cleaner future than the one we had before.

Biodiesel was a renewable energy source that could be made from the plants and could be used to power vehicles.

The use of biogascids and biofuel sources like biogases is an innovation that is making a significant difference.

Biofuels are being used by car companies in Europe, and it is a very big market.

In the UK alone, the use is growing by almost 20% every year.

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