What we know so far about the US-China cyber war

New Delhi: The US and China have been at war for more than three months, but in the process of a massive US cyber attack that threatens the internet and has rattled the world economy, it seems like they’re going at it in their own way.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon said the US Navy had carried out cyber attacks against Chinese military hardware in the Pacific, including the USS Lassen, which was attacked with an advanced missile known as the Long March.

The US Navy, in an official statement, said the attack was conducted by the US Cyber Command, and was directed at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The statement did not provide further details.

China has denied the claim.

A senior official with the People’s Daily, China’s official mouthpiece, told reporters that China’s Navy had “determined” the attack had been carried out by the PLA.

“This is a serious and grave issue that the US should take care of,” the official said.

China, however, has denied such a claim.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order that would allow the US military to engage in cyberspace attacks against China without having to seek approval from Congress, the White House said.

US Vice President Mike Pence was briefed on the new order, the official added.

“The US and its allies are prepared to respond to any cyber threat posed by China,” the Whitehouse said.

The order would allow for the US to “take the necessary measures to defend our people and interests in cyberespionage and cyber warfare, including cyber defense capabilities, cyber attack capabilities, and cyber capabilities.”

China has been under pressure in recent weeks, following a series of US cyberattacks on the Chinese economy.

Earlier this month, the US government said it was investigating cyberattacks in the US that appeared to be related to President Donald J. Trump’s election victory, and whether those attacks were aimed at interfering with Chinese elections.

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