Why does the FBI need a new data center?

The FBI is in the midst of an acquisition of a massive new data storage facility in central California, the bureau said Thursday.

The move is expected to create hundreds of new jobs and $3 billion in investment.

The $1.6 billion facility, dubbed the “J.

Edgar Hoover Center,” is expected be completed by 2021, according to a release from the bureau.

“The FBI is investing billions of dollars in our country to provide the best possible services to our people,” FBI Director James Comey said in the release.

“And this center is going to allow us to do just that.”

The center is expected bring thousands of new job opportunities to the San Francisco Bay Area and California, and provide a “great opportunity to bring more FBI agents to the Bay Area.”

The FBI said the new facility will also bring millions of dollars to the state of California and millions of hours of state and local government research.

More to come.