Google to make Android phones more reliable

Google is set to make its Android smartphones more reliable, with the latest version of the operating system having been designed to be used in situations where a battery is damaged, according to reports.

The Android operating system is used by around 60 per cent of the world’s mobile phones, with Samsung and Apple holding the majority of market share.

Google says its latest version will allow phones to be more reliable by automatically detecting battery-saving measures.

“With Android 7.0, we’re introducing more features and improvements to make your life easier, more reliable and more convenient,” said Google in a blog post.

The latest version is the latest release of Android that’s been rolled out to users in the past few months, with Google announcing it had received nearly 6.5 million downloads of the new OS.

The company says Android 7 improves battery life by enabling it to automatically detect the damage to the phone’s battery.

“We’ve been using Android 7 since the first day it was released, and we’ve seen that battery life has improved dramatically in many areas,” said Eric Migicovsky, the Google product lead, in the blog post .

“Android 7 is built to be the ultimate platform for mobile technology, but sometimes it’s not so easy to achieve the same level of reliability and security.”