Why Malayalam film maker Sivakumaran wants to put the Tamil language in the spotlight

Malayalis have been clamouring for a film about their country’s Tamil culture for some time now.

The Tamil film maker and producer Sivacaranth wants to make it happen.

His latest project, ‘Tamilic-Sri Lanka’, is being made by a Tamil studio with the support of the Tamil government.

It will feature Tamil singers, actors and actresses.

The film, which will be produced by Sivaranth, has already received international acclaim.

But it has also faced challenges. 

It has to be released in a Tamil language.

“I’m not going to say the Tamil word, I’m going to talk about Tamil language, but the Tamil-Srisolans language is not Tamil language,” Sivagumaran said in a recent interview. 

“It’s a dialect of the language of the Sritams, who are the rulers of the country.

So we have to make a Tamil film.”

Sivakampan, who is also known for his films about the Tamil diaspora, said he wants to give the Tamil film a platform in the mainstream Tamil cinema.

It’s also about the relationship between Tamil and Malayali, Sivampan said.

He is working on the script with Tamil actress Sarina Sridharan.

Sivampans Tamil-Lanka script, which was first revealed to the media in September last year, will have a Tamil-language cast of three actors and one actress.

It also aims to tell the story of Tamil culture, which is rooted in the countrys history, he said.

“Tamil language has been the mainstay of our history.

It’s a very strong language, it’s our heritage.

So I hope that this film will have an impact on the mainstream of Tamil cinema.”

Sriram, who will be playing a leader of the Malayalee community, told the newspaper that the story is about the struggle between the Tamil and the Malayan communities, and it has to include both.

Tamil-Lankan will also have a different setting from the current Tamil drama, he added.

“The script will be about the history of the two languages,” he said, adding that the cast will also be different.

“Tamil film is a unique genre and we want to make something that’s a unique film for both of them.”

The Tamil-sansis Tamil-lankan has been in development for a while now.

The Tamil film industry had seen a boom in the past few years thanks to the Tamil talent pool.

However, in 2016, Tamil film producers took a hit when the country’s film regulator banned Tamil films.

The ban was lifted in March this year, but in the meantime, Tamil films were banned from being shown in cinemas across the country and the country was hit by a major cyber attack.

The move came as a blow to the industry, but it has been partially lifted.

Tamil films in Malayas cinemas are being screened by local Tamil film studios in the Tamil community.

Many Malayalas feel the same.

Tamil-Malaysian film actress Sreejithan Muthukumar, who has starred in Tamil-made films like ‘Ayaan’ and ‘Sankarabhumi’, said she is hopeful of the success of the film.

She hopes to make the film into a cultural event in Malaysia.

In his recent interview, Srivacarathanan also touched on the issues facing Tamil-Kannadigas, an ethnic minority group that has been discriminated against for years.

The Indian government has taken a lot of steps to improve the status of Tamil-minority communities, said Srivakumar.

The government recently issued a memorandum to the state governments, stating that it will work to ensure that Tamil films and television programs are produced in a safe and culturally appropriate way.

“If it is not safe, it will not be produced,” he told the paper.

There is also a petition that has already gathered signatures calling for the release of ‘Tamils-Kani’ in Malaya.