How to use Sintx and Ethiopia to develop IoT-based security products

SintX, the global leader in secure cloud storage and management solutions, today announced a new partnership with Ethiopian government-owned Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to develop a next-generation IoT-centric security product, which can be deployed as part of a public cloud infrastructure.

The SintiX IoT security product is a fully-fledged IoT-focused security platform that leverages the existing Sintix cloud storage platform for a unified, scalable IoT ecosystem that includes IoT-enabled smart devices and applications.

It can be used in conjunction with the Ethiopians government-issued Nanyangs cloud storage, as well as other Sintex cloud storage providers.

The Sintxi platform will be the first to support the Sintinx E-Secure platform.

In addition to the IoT security platform, SintIX also announced a partnership with the São Paulo State University, where it will develop the SIN-2 IoT Security platform.

The first SIN platform, released in April 2017, has proven to be a success in terms of user-safety and compliance.

The technology enables secure storage of all of your data, including all your IoT devices and apps.

This platform also offers full support for IoT security as well, including for devices that are IoT-compatible.

The partnership with NTU is part of Sintaxi’s growing IoT ecosystem of cloud storage solutions that enable IoT security, including the SINTX, SIN and SIN2 platforms.

Sintox and EthiPia are the largest IoT-aware storage providers in Africa.

Sintix is a leader in the global IoT ecosystem.

The company provides security-focused cloud storage services and solutions to businesses, governments and governments-owned companies worldwide.

The companies provide a range of cloud-based solutions that are focused on securing IoT devices, applications, and data across the entire enterprise.

The world’s largest cloud storage provider in terms to revenue, SiniX has been operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa since 2003.

Ethi Pia has been operational in the US since 2003, and is a leading provider of security and enterprise-class data storage services in Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

The company offers the SIDIO-V5, SINTIX E-Security, SIRIS-8 and SINTICON-V products.

SIN, which is owned by the Ethi Institute of Technology, is the leading provider for IoT applications in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

The team at Sintxx has been focused on the development of SIN security products since its inception.

The team has grown to more than 60 full-time staff and has created its first Sinticon cloud storage product and now also offers a SIN product, as part on the SIPO platform, for customers in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

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