Which company is leading the way in solar energy?

The top solar company, SolarCity, has jumped from number three to number two in the list of the biggest philanthropic companies in the United States, according to a new study from the Sunlight Foundation.

The new ranking of the top 10 philanthropic solar companies by the foundation ranks solar energy as the fourth most valuable charitable asset in the country.

SolarCity has grown rapidly since it debuted in 2019 and now has more than 500 employees in the U.S. alone, including 1,200 at its California headquarters.

In the new ranking, the company’s investments in solar power and other green technologies are listed first, followed by philanthropic endeavors such as the nonprofit foundation founded by former President Donald Trump, The Donald J. Trump Foundation and the New America Foundation.

Among the 10 philanthropy companies that made the top ten list, SolarTech, a company that makes solar panels, led the way with more than $2 billion in charitable donations, followed closely by the Foundation for Advanced Technology in Medicine, which is dedicated to creating vaccines and other therapies for diseases that are not currently treatable with conventional medicine.

The top 10 solar companies in philanthropy have donated nearly $1 billion to the foundations of over 1,000 leading philanthropists.

The Sunlight survey also looked at the number of companies and organizations giving money to the U to help support green technologies, and found that companies in both industries contributed nearly $7 billion to environmental causes in 2018, compared to $5 billion in 2015.

The companies and foundations that make up the top of the list for philanthropy in 2018 were: The Donald J, Trump Foundation $2,500,000,000  Foundation for Advanced Technologies in Medicine $1,800,000

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