When you want to be a hero, start by shooting yourself in the foot

Video shows the moment a young Israeli man’s bullet struck him in the face in a crowded subway train station.

A video posted on social media on Sunday shows a young man being taken to hospital by paramedics after a bullet hit him in a subway train in the southern city of Ashkelon.

The video shows the man walking away from the platform and walking down a street with his legs crossed and his arms crossed behind his back as a man on the other side of the platform shouts, “Get out of the way!”

At the time of the video’s capture, the young man, who was not identified, was standing in the midst of a group of people, who were passing by.

A man in the crowd shouts to the young Palestinian, “Take the bullet.”

The video shows that the man in front of him does not move.

At this point, the video cuts to an audio recording of the young male, who is crying and is lying on the ground.

The man in question is lying face down on the pavement, a bullet hole in his head.

His blood is streaming out of his head, and the man on his side of him is screaming in pain.

The man is then shot several times by another bystander, who fires back at him and shoots him again in the head.

The bullet passes through the young Israeli’s skull and the bullet fragment lands in the middle of the street.

At the end of the recording, the man is lying in a hospital bed, and his head is bleeding profusely.

He is bleeding from the left side of his face.

The victim, who has not been identified, is taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition.