How to keep drone technology alive in India

An autonomous drone flying over a village in India has become a viral sensation with the hashtag #HotspotDrones.

The Indian government has started a crowdfunding campaign to buy drones to help it track the movement of farmers in the remote region.

The drone, which is not yet commercially available, is powered by an onboard camera and is being used by local farmers to monitor crop growth, and provide feedback on crop yield.

A video of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being used to monitor the crop growth in the area has gone viral on social media.

Hopes of a drone revolution have been raised in India, with the country’s government announcing a drone launch pad and even a drone factory in New Delhi.

India’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) have been used to track farmers in remote areas for decades.

Last year, the government ordered the establishment of a pilot-less UAV factory in the eastern state of Karnataka to test out unmanned aircraft.

In August, the country has launched a drone programme to buy four drones.