FIFA president Sepp Blatter will hold a news conference on Wednesday ahead of the World Cup in 2018

FIFA president Michel Platini has confirmed that he will hold an emergency news conference in advance of the 2018 World Cup to update FIFA members about the situation at the world football governing body.

Speaking at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich, Blatter said: “We are in a difficult situation in our organisation.”

The news conference comes after the football body’s governing council met on Tuesday to discuss its handling of a number of scandals, including the use of “black money” by some officials.

Blatter’s spokesman, Michael Goggin, said Platini would hold a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in Zurich ahead of that meeting.

It was unclear if Platini had asked Blatter to hold a meeting with his colleagues ahead of his press conference.

Platini is due to hold another news conference at 11am local time on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament’s vice-president Joaquin Soria said that he had asked Platini to hold the news conference.

Soria said the FIFA president had not informed him of the decision.

The head of FIFA’s Ethics Committee, Wolfgang Kubat, said on Tuesday that Platini should hold a public meeting to discuss his response to the crisis.

The European Parliament has been criticised for not meeting in a timely manner to discuss the crisis, but the European Council of Europe has been more open, giving its support for the president’s decision.

On Wednesday, a Swiss court will decide on whether Platini can continue to hold public meetings as the ethics committee investigates allegations that some officials received bribes.

The investigation has already brought a number, including Platini, to the attention of Fifa.

In a statement on Tuesday, Platini said he would be able to hold further meetings “if it is necessary to discuss my position and my response to these matters”.