Which tech grants are the most valuable?

Technology grants are not just awarded to the technology industry, they are also given to organisations that benefit from those technologies.

We asked a panel of academics, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to rank the top 10 most valuable technology grants in the UK.

Here are the top ten most valuable grants.


The Arts Council Of England 1,532,000 2.

The National Trust 1,509,000 3.

The Natural History Museum 1,403,000 4.

The Royal Society of Arts 1,372,000 5.

The Institute Of Directors 1,265,000 6.

The Science Museum 1.958,000 7.

Royal Society Of Arts 1.875,000 8.

National Museum Of Scotland 1,744,000 9.

Royal College Of Art 1,729,000 10.

The British Library 1,633,000 Top 10 most valued technology grants UK-wide Technology grants 1.

Science Museum Of St James 2,084,000 The Royal College of Art 2,078,000 National Museum of Scotland 2,099,000 Royal Society OF Arts 2,061,000 Science Museum of St James 1,959,000 Nature Museum Of London 1,898,000 Tate Britain 1,797,000 London School Of Economics 1,747,000 British Library 2,020,000 BBC News 1,695,000 Discovery Channel 1,693,000 RAC Science and Engineering Centre 1,662,000 UK Library Of Scotland 2.2 million Top 10 least valuable technology grant UK-wise Technology grants UK total – most to least £ million Technology grants for which no funding was given to UK organisations in 2015/16 Source BBC News article