Google’s AI bot learns to like Chinese food

Google’s self-driving car has developed an algorithm to like, for example, rice cakes, and then offer them to customers in China.

The Google Car team announced this week that it has now made a bot capable of making its own rice cakes.

The AI bot developed by Google’s Google Car research team was developed with the help of the Chinese company Tenga, which has an AI bot called “Bamboo,” which can understand Mandarin.

The AI bot learned to recognize the “good” and “bad” qualities of a variety of different types of rice cakes and offered them to its customers.

“We were able to recognize that there are many different kinds of rice,” Google Car researcher Alex Jiao told TechCrunch.

“For example, you could see that some of them are sweet and some of those are bitter.

And we were able also to recognize a few that are not as sweet, and some that are a bit sour.”

Google is already working with Tengas AI bot to develop a similar AI tool for its own self-driven car.

Google has previously announced a bot dubbed “Panda,” which was used to help train its own autonomous vehicles.

The new AI bot will be developed with a different AI tool, the Tengan AI bot.

Tenga said in a statement that it will work with Google to develop the AI bot and help it learn the nuances of the rice cake.

The company also said it plans to work with “Bao” to learn more about rice cake culture.

Google is working with the Chinese technology company Tuan Group, which is building a self-propelled car that will be the first to travel across China.

Google announced the car earlier this year, and Tuan has already delivered more than 10,000 self-made cars to test.