What to know about Apple’s upcoming ‘artificial intelligence’ technology

Apple is expected to unveil its latest AI-powered product this week, with the unveiling expected to be held at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

A source familiar with the matter said the Apple AI-focused Apple Watch, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, will incorporate “a wide array of AI-based features and technologies, including speech recognition, facial recognition, object recognition and other types of intelligent machine learning.”

The source said Apple’s new smartwatch will “be designed to support a wide range of smartwatches that are evolving in the future,” and that the Apple Watch “will support the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies.”

Apple’s latest AI product will also include “a host of new features” including a “universal translator” that will enable “a user to translate text to any language on the Apple watch.”

The device’s “universal translation” feature will also allow “a single app to interpret the content of any application.”

The Apple Watch will also incorporate “biometric sensors that can read the shape and size of a user’s face, the color of their eyes, and the shape of their lips,” the source said.

Apple’s smartwatch, as expected, will include “sensor bar” technology that “provides a comprehensive view of how much the wearer is wearing,” according to the source.

The device will also be capable of recognizing “the location of the wearer, their facial expressions and voice, and their voice command.”

Apple will also reportedly unveil its “iWatch 3” wearable, which the source described as a “revolutionary watch with a simple design.”

The iWatch 3 will also feature a “lens for your phone that automatically adjusts the size of the screen, making it the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to customize the look of their phone,” according the source, who said that the device will include a “digital compass that adjusts the position of your watch on your wrist.”

Apple is also expected to introduce its “iPhone 8” smartphone, which is also said to be a “major update to the iPhone 8,” according, according to Apple’s source.

According to the report, the iPhone “will be built with an all-new architecture” and will include new features, including “a new camera system that can capture 4K video, augmented reality, wireless charging, the ability to sync photos and videos across multiple devices, and more.”

Apple also “announced plans to unveil a ‘iPad Pro’ with new hardware and software in September,” the insider said, which will “enable more productivity, gaming, and multitasking options,” according it.

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