What is the new and improved Panasonic XT-1?

This is an excerpt from “What is the New and Improved Panasonic XT1?”

(New and Improved), a new series from NBC News and CNBC, that explores the future of the popular compact compact light.

The series, which premieres Monday on NBC and NBC News Digital, explores the evolution of Panasonic’s compact, light-powered camera line, the company’s latest flagship product and the changing face of photography.

Read more Panasonic’s XT-3 compact compact camera is one of the companys best-selling compact cameras.

The XT-2, which debuted in 2003, has sold more than 5.7 million units and has sold over 60 million cameras.

Panasonic says its latest compact camera, the XT-4, is the world’s thinnest camera and the thinnst camera to have an integrated lens, a key feature that allows the camera to focus on objects up to 3 feet (1 meter) away.

Panasonic’s latest compact cameras also are capable of delivering a whopping 1,000 lumens of light, up from the 1,200 lumens that were available on the previous models.

“We have always been known for having the best cameras for the price, and we’ve kept our core focus on the very best features and the very highest standards of camera performance, quality, and value,” said David Tovar, CEO of Panasonic Imaging.

“We’re not just shooting images, we’re capturing video too, and the new XT-series is just the beginning of what we can achieve with our compact cameras.”

The new compact cameras will have a larger sensor, which will increase their dynamic range.

Panasonic is also adding a new camera mode, High Dynamic Range, that lets users shoot in bright, natural lighting at up to 100 percent sensitivity.

The company says the new compact camera lineup will be available to buy in mid-August.

Panasonic also announced it is working on a camera that will use 3D imaging technology.

This will allow owners of cameras like the XT series to take photos that are still in 3D.

Panasonic has been experimenting with this technology for years and has created some of the most realistic and immersive 3D cameras ever.

Panasonic will also be offering its new compact series with an HDMI-CEC connection.

This connection allows owners of new compact models to connect their cameras to a TV, laptop, tablet, gaming console, and more.

In addition to offering a camera with a large sensor, Panasonic is releasing a new compact feature called High Dynamic Video.

This is the capability of cameras that record in a 3D environment, allowing owners to record videos in 3-D at higher resolution than their regular cameras.

This is Panasonic’s biggest release to date.

It comes with a number of new cameras, including two cameras that will offer 1,800 lumens, and a third camera that can shoot in 1,600 lumens.

It also comes with three new models of compact cameras: the XT2, XT4, and XT-5.

The XT-6 is the first camera to offer HDR (high dynamic range) technology, which makes it possible to record in higher-resolution at 4K resolution than its regular camera.

It is also the first compact camera to shoot with a high ISO of ISO 1600, up to 6,400.

The new XT6 also has a 2.5X digital zoom and an 8X digital macro lens.

The new XT cameras also offer improved image stabilization technology that helps prevent the camera from getting stuck or losing focus.

The camera also includes a new “S” zoom lens, which allows users to take a wide-angle picture of objects up as much as 3 feet from the camera.

Panasonic said it has created a new high-speed zoom sensor that allows users of the XT to capture photos with a speed up to 300 frames per second.

Panasonic introduced the new camera with high-definition video at 720p.

This camera is designed to work with Panasonic’s new Micro-X, which is a camera-based system that is a step up from its camera-centric XT line.

Panasonic Micro-FX cameras have a camera sensor of around 1.5 inches (38.5 centimeters) in size and offer up to 4K video recording at up 10 Mbps.

Panasonic offers a Micro-IX system that offers up to 10 megapixel high-resolution photos and video with a 1.6-inch (38 centimeters) sensor.

The Micro-AXS is a new 5MP Micro-x sensor camera that comes in a range of 5 to 30MP, with a resolution of 4K at up 1080p.

The Olympus XF is the only camera to come with a built-in flash.

The XF’s new XF-1 is a 12MP high-res, high-performance sensor camera.

The Panasonic XT series is the company s first camera series to offer a 3-axis stabilization system.

This feature lets owners of the new cameras to keep their cameras in the