How to buy BNB coins in your own name, with details on how to do it yourself

The Irish government is preparing to issue BNB currency in its own name.

The Department of Finance said the coin will be printed in the Irish Republic in two denominations: 1,500 BNB, which will be a one-off coin with a face value of €10 and a quantity of 50,000 coins.

The coin will also be printed on BNB paper, and the coins will be available for purchase in retail outlets.

The Government said the new coin will have a face worth of €100,000 and will be produced in large quantities and be sold in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.

A separate 500 BNB coin will then be printed and sold in Ireland, where it will have the face value and quantity of 500,000 BNB.

The two coins will have different face values of €2 and €10.BNB is the world’s first digital currency, with the first coins minted in 2009.

The new coin is designed to replace the current €10 coin and will feature an “anonymous face”.

It will feature a design inspired by the Bank of Ireland logo.

The coins will also feature a QR code that can be scanned at any ATM in the Republic.

The currency will be legal tender for most transactions in the country, with a limit of €5,000 for the first year.

The limit will be increased to €10,000 by 2021.

A total of 500 BNSD coins will replace existing €10 coins.