Microsoft: We’ll launch an Android-based Windows Phone 8.1 phone in 2020

Microsoft Corp. is unveiling an Android based Windows Phone that will be launched in 2020, the company said Wednesday.

The device will be codenamed Nexoptica, according to the company.

Nexopec is the developer of Nexos and its own Windows phone operating system.

Microsoft will launch the device with a 3.5-inch screen with 720p resolution.

NeXOptica will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 4GB of RAM.

It will come with 32GB of storage, and will be available in a range of colors and pricing, the statement said.

Microsoft is expected to show a preview version of the NexOptica device at the IFA trade show in Berlin next week.

Microsoft also said it will launch a new version of its Office suite, called Office 365, that will have a more focused focus on mobile.

The Office 365 mobile app will focus on Office 365 Online, Office 365 Connect and Office 365 Family Business, Microsoft said.