How to fix Office 2013’s bug that made it crash on startup

New Office 2013 software introduced in late 2013 crashed during startup, according to the latest patch to the OS released by Microsoft.

The bug has been around for months, but it is only recently being patched, with a patch released today. 

“This is a bug in Office 2013,” Microsoft spokesperson Jonathan Wroblewski wrote in an email to Ars Technic.

“We’re investigating.

This is not a security issue, but the same bug has not been patched for years.”

The bug is a common one.

The problem with Office 2013 was that the software did not properly set the size of the document to a specified value, which caused it to crash. 

The bug was first reported on February 4 by an employee of the software maker who was testing a bug report that was being pushed by Microsoft for the release of the OS.

“When I started to make a mistake with the font size, the size did not change,” the employee wrote.

“The font size is fixed in Office 2010.” 

“I was making a typo in my Excel formula that I later realized it was a mistake,” he continued.

“After the bug was fixed, the font became bigger than the document size, but I still didn’t have a typo.

The document would not load correctly, and then my email client would crash.

This was not an issue with the Office 2013.

This bug has always been present, but this is the first time it has been reported to Microsoft.” 

The issue is not new.

The Office 2007 software was known to crash when using the new font size.

But the new bug only affects users who have Office 2013 installed. 

According to Microsoft, the bug is “not a security impact,” and it is a “common” issue in Office.

But there is a chance that the bug may not be as common as initially thought. 

Microsoft has not said how many people were affected by the bug, but a survey conducted by Microsoft on February 2 found that only 3 percent of people who installed Office 2013 have experienced the problem.

Another 8 percent of users who did not have Office installed had no problems. 

Even with the bug being fixed, users of Office 2013 will have to do a bit of work to work around it.

Microsoft has also provided a fix to fix a few other problems in the OS, including a crash when viewing email attachments. 

As the OS becomes more popular and more people install the new version of Office, Microsoft plans to introduce an upgrade to Office 2013 to fix the Office 2007 bug. 

For now, Microsoft has not provided a patch for Office 2013, but has offered a patch that includes fixes for the Office 2010 bugs and a few more. 

You can read the full patch release below.