How to get the latest in sailpoint technologies in your car: a quick guide

A lot of folks have asked me recently if I have any ideas on how to get this new sailpoint technology into my car, so I thought I’d try to help. 

It seems like a lot of the folks asking about the sailpoint have not read the introduction I wrote for them back in May. 

I will do my best to explain what sailpoint is and how it works, and to provide a quick summary.

Sailpoint technology was originally created by the company SABR, but is now owned by a different company. 

In March, SABr announced that it was partnering with LightSource for the development of sailpoint in its new SABRI line of products. 

The LightSource team has since created an app called LightSource Smart and has added sailpoint to its own app store, so there are now several SailPoint compatible SailPoint devices available. 

To learn more about SailPoint and LightSource, check out the following video. 

LightSource Sailpoint FAQ